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  • Do you provide the Marriage License?
    No, I ask that my couples obtain and provide the marriage license before the ceremony. After the wedding, I fill out my portion and file the original paperwork with the appropriate County Clerk's office (via Priority Mail) and provide the tracking number, so we all know it made it! You’ll get a copy of the license (in case you need it for your records, for travel, or on your honeymoon). To receive a certified copy of your Marriage License, be sure to order at least one copy at the time of your application. Los Angeles County: You may fill out the Marriage License online. Application fees in Los Angeles County are $91 for a public license and $85 for a confidential license. To receive certified copies, you can order them at the time you apply for your license, or after your wedding. Link to instructions on how to request your copies by mail, online or in person. From the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder's website*: Application for California Marriage License Requirements A public or confidential license must be used in the State of California. You do not have to be a California resident or Citizen of the United States to marry in California. To obtain the official license you must present a valid government issued photo ID. The license can only be issued to an unmarried First Person and an unmarried Second Person. A Marriage License is valid for 90 days from the date of official issuance by the County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk. Your application will be kept on file for 90 days from the date submitted to the County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk. *Though Catalina Island is part of Los Angeles County, you may obtain your Marriage License from ANY County in California. Link to locate a California Registrar/Recorder and website. Orange County Online Application: Marriage License in Orange County San Diego County Online Application: Marriage License in San Diego County If you are out-of-state or country, there are notaries who can meet you before you arrive on the island, who can issue a Confidential Marriage License (must have proper identification). Ask for more details. NOTE: If you forget to bring your Marriage License to the island with you, I will be unable to perform your ceremony.
  • What is the Wedding Workshop?
    This is our ceremony planning session for the Love Story or Classic ceremonies. We will schedule a virtual call (unless you'll be on the island) 4-6 weeks before your wedding day. Over the course of an hour (often less than an hour), we will cover your preferences around all the details and elements of your ceremony. I’ll be filling in my officiant worksheet with these and other details applicable for your ceremony. I will take everything we've discussed and create your full ceremony script, that may or may not include: the logistics around music, mics, etc. exactly what is happening before the ceremony and who is where if you'd like me to make any opening announcements who is in your processional and how they enter and stand how you want to say the vows and what you’d like them to say who has the rings and how to exchange them if you’d like to add any other elements or readings to your ceremony what I may need to tell your guests as the ceremony is closing how you get presented for the first time how you and your party exit and what you will do next how and when to sign the marriage license and commemorative certificate
  • Will we see the ceremony script before the wedding day?
    Yes! After our Wedding Workshop, within one or two days you'll receive a link to your preliminary Ceremony script. After the workshop, I get a good idea of your style and vision as a couple, and we'll start with that framework. In the weeks leading up to your ceremony, we’ll build out any items that weren’t nailed down in our planning session. We work together to make sure we've covered everything. The finished product is what we will use in your ceremony! You can: review and share the script edit the script itself reply to, or ask questions in the interactive comments in the margins request any changes and revisions. I’ll email the final version of the full ceremony script, but you'll have access to it every step of the way. The script is separate from the Love Story. You also have the choice to read your Love Story before the wedding, or (way more fun!) wait to hear it along with your wedding guests (highly recommended).
  • How do you write our love story?
    To create your love story, I send an online survey to you and your partner with questions about how you met, the progression of your relationship and a few other questions. Part of the joy of the ceremony is the spontaneous heartfelt reactions between couples as their history together unfolds, so it's best that you not share your answers with each other. Your answers are turned into an engaging true love story and make your ceremony special for each other, as well as for your guests. I may also ask for the names of friends or family who know you as a couple. Two weeks before your wedding, I'll send them a brief survey. All the answers help me write a full, funny and moving true love story. The bonus is that your friends and family feel very included in your story and an important part of participating in your marriage.
  • Do you have recommendations for vendors, restaurants, things to do, and places to stay during our visit?
    Of course I have my favorites, but one of the best resources for you and your guests is the Catalina Chamber of Commerce website, and view their 2023 Visitors Guide - online version here. It's easy to navigate, and a complete overview of the island and what's available! Share the link with your wedding guests and on your wedding website too! Catalina Express, the primary passenger ferry to the island, also has a helpful visitor's guide. They often partner with hotels to offer savings on boat/hotel packages.
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