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Hi, I'm Allyn Bryan. This beautiful couple started it all! When my island friends Tim and Michelle asked if I would "Marry Them" at their gorgeous forest wedding in Lake Tahoe, I took the honor seriously.


Ordained by the internet as a non-denominational  Minister of the Universal Life Church, I started researching what elements make a fun, meaningful and engaging wedding ceremony. I noticed traditional ceremonies often miss an opportunity to celebrate and share the essence of the couple as individuals, who are now even better together. My goal was to create a ceremony for my friends that truly honored their unique love story.


How did they meet and decide to spend their lives together? That's the love story everyone enjoys hearing. I love writing and telling the true love stories of happy couples in beautiful island settings in front of friends and family, and then...pronouncing them married!


My reward is seeing the faces of the couple and their guests, united in the shared experience of a meaningful celebration of their love. Best. Thing. Ever.


Catalina is a truly magical place to get married. Scott and I were married on Catalina Island in 2004 (the same year we moved here). It was a quick ceremony with a few loved ones on a Wednesday (which was the first day of Fall, because I knew he'd remember it)! My wedding dress was the the first dress I tried on at a local shop. It was $99.


Our wonderful officiant, Anni Marshall, is now the Mayor of Avalon! We chose Buena Vista Point, a beautiful ocean view location under eucalyptus trees, just below the historic Mt Ada. It was informal and as stress-free as possible for my Aspergian ("on the spectrum") husband.


Our restaurant "reception" was for a party of seven. Scott's wedding dinner was an order of deep-fried mozzarella sticks. His unique perspective about food (and almost everything else) still keeps me entertained to this day.

 Scott & Allyn Bryan | Fall 1st, 2004 
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